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Room Data
Room Temp: -10 F with 90% RH
Dimensions: 7'-10" X 9'-9 1/2" X 7'-6".
Doors: 1 standard door(s).
Ambient Temp.: 95 F DB
Ceiling Insulation: 4" Extruded Polystyrene
Ceiling K Factor: 0.16
Ceiling Temperature: 115 F
Wall Insulation: 4" Extruded Polystyrene
Wall K Factor: 0.16
Wall Temperature: 95 F
Floor Insulation: 4" Extruded Polystyrene
Floor K Factor: 0.16
Floor Temperature: 55 F

Infiltration Data
Air Flow: Based on 1.5 ASHRAE averages.
Infil. Temp.: 95 F DB (60% RH) infiltrating air.

Product Data
Description: Misc
Max. Load: 575 lbs./8 hrs.
Enter Temp.: 20 F
Spec. Heats: 0.9 above freeze/0.45 below freeze.
Lat. Ht. Fusion: 100
Packaging: Varies
Pulldown in: 24 hrs.
Final Temp.: -10 F
Freeze: 27 F
Respiration: 0 lbs. (0 BTU/LB/Day)

Miscellaneous Data
Personnel: 0.0 person(s).
Lighting: 1 watt(s) per square foot.
Motors: 0.0 equiv. horsepower.

Calculation Results
Wall Heat Gains: 40639BTU/day (37.1% of total load).
Air Change: 54831BTU/day (50.1% of total load).
Product Load: 7766BTU/day (7.1% of total load).
Misc Load: 6290BTU/day (5.7% of total load).
Daily Total: 120479BTU/day.*
Cap. Required: 6693BTUH at 18 hours per day runtime.

* - Includes compensation for unforeseen high load conditions, excessive temperatures, unexpected increases in business, or product packaging.

All refrigeration sizes are estimates and may not accurately represent specific applications. In no event, shall U.S. Cooler be liable for special or consequential damages in connection with the use or output of the U.S. Cooler refrigeration sizing software. For detailed sizing and pricing, call U.S. Cooler.
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